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A Tribute to Scott Taylor Rhodes

There are so many faces and people in this world, but so few that really stand out and shine.  Scott Taylor was one of them.  Any one will agree that he was kind to everyone he met, knowing how to make them feel special.  He could also cheer you up when you were down, with his big smile and his wonderful sense of humor.  It's no wonder why he had more friends than he could count, and why he needed his own phone line!

Though only 19, Scott achieved much in his short time here.  He was a son, a brother, a grandson, a cousin, a nephew, an uncle, a boyfriend and a friend.  He was an ambassador of good will, a student of life, a comic, an entertainer, a hard worker and a counselor.  He was intelligent, witty, caring, giving, thoughtful, and especially humble.  But if you knew Scott, you already know these things.

They say things happen for a reason, but it provides little comfort for us now.  It is hard to justify why you were taken from us so abruptly.  Perhaps you were too beautiful for this earth.  For us, we can only learn from your example how to be a beautiful person - never judgmental, comfortable and inviting to all who crossed your path.

Scott, though you were only with us for a short while, the impression you've left will be everlasting.  We'll remember with fondness.......

Your smile

Your sweet disposition

Your infectious laugh

Your thoughtfulness

Your big heart

Your selflessness

Your handsome face

...and we'll never forget that we are all the better for having had you in our lives.

And we'll be sure to tell the ones who come along later about you.  We'll pass on your memory to your niece, Taylor.   When you first saw her, you said,"This is my girl, and she is NOT going to have any boyfriends!"  We know you'll be watching her grow and providing guidance from where you're resting.. 

We'll rest easier knowing you are watching us.  We hope it's beautiful where you are right now.  And though it's hard to let go, it's only your physical being we lay to rest.  You'll forever live on in our hearts.  Until we meet again, Scott, know that we love you now and always.

This was written with love by Scotty's friends and read at his funeral.

Thank you for visiting Scotty's website. 



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